"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus."

- Martin Luther King. Jr

Case Studies

We establish strong, long-term relationships with blue-chip clients, transport operators, commercial developments and public sector organisations.

Our dedicated project managers and project engineers take the time to understand each customer, ensuring we deliver work on time and within budget and consistently exceed expectations. We place great emphasis on trust and integrity and pride ourselves on our ability to work hand-in-hand with clients from any area of industry.

Take a look at a couple of our recent case studies:

Case Study 1 – Global Consultancy Firm

Client: Global consultancy firm

Project: Integrated security installation for new European

Technology: Tyco IP Access Control System

 Full PoE solution

Value: £1,600,000


To install a technologically-advanced integrated security management system into new headquarters.

Beacon’s Role:

Our client consolidated their central London facilities into one prestigious building in London. The new building is multi level with four additional lower ground levels.

The security management team was keen to take advantage of the latest advancements in camera technology, with selected networked IP cameras that would provide a greater level of image detail.

Beacon was successful in winning the project, based on our proven track record in delivering large-scale projects of this nature. Our technical expertise and flexible approach was also recognised as being fundamental to achieving the desired functionality and technicality.

The final security scheme consisted of:

  • 192 fixed view IP cameras
  • +60 analogue cameras connected to IP encoders to facilitate network access
  • 15 PTZ analogue dome cameras
  • 11 NiceVision FAST NVRs with full RAID (371TB total)
  • 242 access controlled points utilising the TYCO CEM access control system
  • 40 monitored points
  • 14 IP intercom stations

All these elements were integrated into a security management system in their newly created European Security Control Room.

The aim was to integrate all of the company’s pan-European security systems into a single, powerful and centrally-managed facility.

Key challenges:

As well as the demands involved in integrating groundbreaking technology and working to a tight timeline, Beacon had the added challenge of having to redesign the CCTV camera infrastructure. This was because the product selected initially was not market-ready in time for delivery. Our team worked tirelessly with the client and consultant to come up with an alternative solution that would meet the same stringent performance criteria and functionality. The NiceVision FAST NVR digital video recording system was eventually selected, following our recommendation and proof-of-concept trials.

As the system predominantly resided in a network environment, it was crucial that the network design could cope with the high volume data transmissions. Thanks to our expertise in this area, we were commissioned to design, supply, install and commission the entire security network, with all its active components connected to the client’s backbone fibre infrastructure and structured cabling.

Running alongside this project, the client had the added task of implementing the security system for a new regional office in the Midlands. This work had to utilise existing technology, in order to deliver a working solution in advance of the project going live.

Beacon ensured that all of the elements integrated seamlessly together. Our experts worked closely with the client, consultant, manufacturers and the construction team to ensure that the project achieved the desired results, on time and within budget.

Case Study 2 – Data centre infrastructure specialist

Client: Data centre infrastructure specialist

Project: Integrated security installation for a new high security
 data centre

Technology: Lenel integrated security management system

 Zenitel IP intercom system

 Pelco Esprit analogue PTZ cameras

 Axis megapixel IP cameras and encoders

 Fibre optic network

 Raytec Raymax LED infra-red illuminators

Value: £250,000


Our client is a leader in the delivery of high integrity data centres. The company’s mission is to continuously deliver scalable and predictable mission-critical infrastructure – the most secure, resilient and sustainable in Europe.

Beacon’s Role:

The security brief for the new data centre called for a “state of the art” comprehensive risk-based, multi-layered security regime, aligned to ISO27001, BS25999 and JSP440.

On winning the contract, we used our extensive technical expertise to suggest an alternative approach to the original design. The result was an end-to-end fully IP integrated security management system, with “future proofing” fundamental to the design.

Details of the completed security scheme are naturally confidential, however a large part was the selection of the LED infrared illuminators as they require substantially less power and maintenance than conventional IR lamps and therefore met two of the clients sustainability criteria:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low environmental impact – Bats

The camera images and telemetry are transmitted to control via a fully resilient “ruggedized” fibre optic network, designed and installed by Beacon. An Axis encoder at the camera end converts the analogue images and telemetry into digital format for transmission. A Zenitel public address system was also installed at each camera tower, and again, data transmission was achieved via the network.

Within the data centre, a Lenel OnGuard security management system integrates all of the security elements onto a single management system. Access control is managed by a combination of HID biometric and iClass readers. Internal images from 25 Axis megapixel dome cameras – positioned throughout the data centre – are recorded and monitored by the Lenel OnGuard system. All this security management information is controlled from a central control location, where security functions including access control, badging, cctv monitoring, alarm monitoring, intercom and PA are managed by a single integrated GUI, from their operating position.

Key challenges:

There were a myriad of technical issues involved in integrating the various technologies into a central system. However, the main challenges related to the tight timelines, as the security package was one of the final contracts to be awarded. Our team worked closely with the client and other contractors to ensure the security system was delivered to meet the requirements of the client and to comply with the standards specified.

The external works were inhibited by the weather, with heavy snow making conditions very difficult. Despite difficulties, the final result was a fully integrated, resilient, state-of-the-art integrated security solution that empowers users with real-time information. It is a powerful system that coordinates the interaction between people, technologies and responses.