"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."

- Albert Einstein

Company Profile

Beacon Security was founded in 1994 and we have established ourselves as pioneers in access control, electronic security and personnel management systems.

We are a totally independent and private-owned company that has forged valuable partnerships with a number of the world’s leading manufacturers. We guarantee a balanced and objective view of the marketplace, developing state-of-the-art integrated solutions to suit the specific needs of each individual customer.

As a financially-secure organisation with no long-term liabilities, we are able to invest in technology, embrace new developments and maintain the highest levels of service and performance. Our fastidious commitment to health & safety, relationship management and quality control gives our customers absolute peace of mind.

We are based in Crowborough, East Sussex, with a number of premises set up to meet the logistical and technical requirements of our clients, in any eventuality. With a dedicated team and impeccable service record, we are able to maintain a reputable portfolio of clients and attract invitations from many of the UK’s leading blue-chip companies.

Safety is our priority

We provide and maintain safe, healthy working conditions, equipment and systems for all our employees and subcontractor organisations.

Our commitment extends to:

  • providing information, training and supervision
  • actively preventing accidents
  • ensuring health & safety is a top priority for all employees
  • causing minimal environmental impact and damage
  • promoting incident and injury-free working.

Protecting the public

We are committed to controlling any risks members of the public may be exposed to as a direct result of our activities.

We promise to:

  • ensure that any employee who can affect public safety is trained to an appropriate level
  • train employees in anticipation of all foreseeable emergencies in their areas of operation
  • enable the public to bring perceived safety-related problems to the attention of management, and for management to respond swiftly
  • have prompt procedures in place for the reporting and investigation of incidents, accidents and near misses.
  • use warning systems (audible/visual signs/cautionary notices) to draw attention to potential hazards
  • develop procedures to minimise and deal with potentially violent incidents, assaults and vandalism
  • analyse daily routines to identify any weaknesses in procedures or schedules
  • ensure that vehicles are of suitable design and construction, in appropriate condition and routinely checked
  • follow established maintenance programmes at appropriate intervals.


You can rely on the highest standards in all our activities.

We are proud to be officially accredited as follows:

  • BSI
  • Constructionline approved
  • Achilles Building Confidence accreditation
  • SAFEcontractor (Health & Safety) compliant
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management certified
  • OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management