"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus."

- Martin Luther King. Jr

How We Work

Market-wide product knowledge

In access control today, products have become critical business tools rather than purely security systems. Many clients have enough expertise and knowledge of their own business needs to evaluate products in the marketplace by speaking directly to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

At Beacon we are recognised as an invaluable link between the OEM and the end user and are considered as a key partner by all of the top four security integration platforms.

This unique position means our clients can enjoy market-leading service delivery and support, relying on Beacon for its experience, expertise and credentials without market restriction.

First-class managed services

We believe in working in close cooperation with our clients’ security teams.

Beacon’s managed services are fed by our industry-leading service management system, in which we have invested heavily. Reliable and accurate management information and real-time feedback gives complete control of your security arrangements and allows early intervention and corrective action to ensure zero impact on your business activities.

We are committed to ensuring we exceed client expectations and to that end, we assign a dedicated account director to oversee the running of the contract and to be fully accountable for our performance.

Regular review meetings allow us to measure our performance against service level agreements and ensure project milestones are met on time and within budget.

An established international network

We have developed a robust partnership model to provide pan-EMEA installation and support services for customer facilities outside the UK. Several of our clients operate additionally – across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Beacon Security embraces emerging technology, and our commitment is evident in our best in class service.

We manage all our clients’ assets and resources with our own software solution, Service Director. This is a real time PDA-based management tool that can be accessed via head office or on our client web portal.

Clients find the extensive reporting options invaluable for both monthly monitoring and progress reporting. Our database holds a complete asset inventory for each location and our engineers are able to view a detailed history of the asset. If you’d like to find out more, please email us for details or call on 01892 669650.

Centralised IP platform

Whereas standalone systems were previously installed in a building, they are now centrally managed with online connections. While clients used to employ local companies to service their system, global businesses required a managed solution.

To meet this demand, Beacon has developed a solid infrastructure to deliver support throughout the world. This has proved to be highly successful and our platform supports major global banking sites throughout EMEA.

Backup contingency planning

As we are operationally reliant on our IT infrastructure, our service would be impeded without 100% capability at all times.

To mitigate such risk, we have developed a mirror of our IT solutions in a secondary location. Full disaster recovery is at the ready, with backup power, telecoms and office facilities available within 30 minutes of loss of our headquarters.

All our clients have complete peace of mind with this unique back-up facility and contingency planning.