"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus."

- Martin Luther King. Jr

Product Knowledge

Integrated system design

Security system infrastructure has changed dramatically in recent years. Closed systems are no longer the norm, with security becoming an intrinsic element of the overall IT infrastructure.

It takes a unique skill set to be able to understand the multiple layers of organisational IT, as well as the specific disciplines of the security industry. At Beacon, we have invested heavily in ensuring that our employees’ knowledge is at the forefront of the convergence between security and the IT function.

When it comes to security system design, network infrastructure design and product integration, Beacon should be your first port of call.

The evolution of security

The security industry is undergoing a major transformation.

Whereas solutions previously operated on their own infrastructure, with high-level connection to client WANs, technology has developed to be ethernet at the edge.

This brings a number of distinct advantages:

  • More cost-effective implementation
  • Reduced need for power supplies
  • Megapixel cameras can be deployed without compromise
  • Data can be moved anywhere to trusted depositories
  • Environmentally greener with less cabling and power

To remain at the forefront of this evolution, Beacon has been investing since the late 1990s. We have developed the IT experience and expertise to deliver ground-breaking integrated IP solutions to a global accountancy firm, major investment management company and an international banking corporation.

With access to both existing and new technologies, such as video analytics, our clients have been able to save manpower costs by using central command and control centres to manage alarms remotely.

Today, we are seen by many companies as a trusted partner and consultant, helping them to keep pace with industry change and navigate the take-up of new technology.

Partners in trade and industry

We’re pleased to work with a reputable portfolio of clients, from multi-national corporations and blue-chip companies to the public sector.

Our experience spans the financial industry, transport companies, private prisons and consumer household names.

Whatever is involved, from managing major integrated projects and large-scale commercial developments, to more niche solutions, we tailor our service to offer the best products, consultancy, training, support and advice available today.