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Brookes raises Newcomers’ Lap Record to 127.726mph

Tyco Suzuki British Superbike star Josh Brookes demonstrated his racing versatility when he obliterated the newcomer’s lap record on the Isle of Man, setting a new best lap of 127.726mph during the Dainese Superbike TT. Brookes finished tenth overall.

His team-mate Guy Martin was in the mix for podium honours early in the six-lap race with a standing start lap of 130.431mph, but limited track time during practice week hampered his progress; he eventually finished fourth.

Josh Brookes:
“I knew that last lap was fast and I really enjoyed it, but this place is so much more physical than I thought it would be. There are so many factors that you have to consider like a full tank of fuel down into places like Quarter Bridge and getting caught up behind other riders, but I have massive respect for this place. I think I deserve a beer tonight after that. My Tyco Suzuki worked really well, as did the Metzeler tyres. Thanks to all the boys for a big effort.”

Guy Martin:
“I’m disappointed. That was a bit of a fighting match. Yes I did 130mph on that first lap but I’ve gone quicker than that on a Suzuki and although I had a few slides – those Metzeler tyres are really good. We need to do a bit of fine-tuning for the Senior. I’m fit enough for the job and the bike is strong enough, but my hands are covered in blisters after that. It really was a struggle.”

Philip Neill – Team Manager:

“We had contrasting fortunes today. Guy was really on the money on that first lap but he had a few issues that we need to sit down and look at before Friday’s Senior. He has the pace and the grip as he explained, but there are so many variables here at the TT and we just have to find the sweet spot, which I’m confident we can.

“What can I say about Josh Brookes. 125mph was amazing but to then jump to 127mph on the last lap is some effort. He’s really enjoying himself but we have to keep it realistic. A top ten in the Superbike TT with only one top rider dropping out is a phenomenal effort, although I think I’ve aged ten years today watching that.”

Dainese Superbike TT
1: Michael Dunlop [Honda]
2: Cameron Donald [Honda] +40.937sec
3: John McGuinness [Honda] +1min: 21.927
4: Guy Martin [Tyco Suzuki] +1min:28.914
5: Conor Cummins [Yamaha] +2min: 00.949
6: Michael Rutter [Honda] +2min:04.690
10: Josh Brookes [Tyco Suzuki]

Monday’s Races
10.45am – Supersport Race 1 [4 laps]
2.30pm – Superstock TT [4 laps]

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