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Martin Wins UGP Superbike Race

Guy Martin took yesterday’s blue riband Ulster Grand Prix Superbike victory after a titanic battle with Michael Dunlop at Dundrod in Northern Ireland with Conor Cummins third. Martin also collected the Man of the Meeting Award for his consistent results on his stable of Tyco Suzuki GSX-R machinery.

His Manx team-mate Conor Cummins also had a great week at Dundrod taking four podiums for his efforts making it eight podiums in total for the Tyco Suzuki team at Dundrod’s Ulster Grand Prix Bike Week.

Guy Martin:
“It’s been a great week at Dundrod and it’s always the job to win the main Ulster Grand Prix Superbike race. I did my best in the second Superbike race to also take the win but if you’re going to win one at Dundrod, the main race is the most important. No one comes to win the ‘B race do they? The bikes worked superbly today, so thanks to the boys and also to Pirelli who put in a big effort this week. It’s nice to reward them with the main race win. Man of the Meeting is a bonus, but a great week overall.”

Conor Cummins:
“I was just starting to get in the groove as the weekend ended, with my season really only starting so late, but it was a mint meeting. I just can’t get over how good the bikes felt. The Supersport bike is the best I’ve ever ridden and in the last three laps of Superbike race two I was really starting to loosen up and enjoy myself on the big girl. I had a big carrot in front of me for that last Superbike podium, and it was really pleasing to catch and pass Gary Johnson and lap at over 132mph. The boys did a great job all week for me so I’m off home very happy.”

Philip Neill – Team Manager:

“It’s always nice to be rewarded after putting in such a big effort, and to take the main Ulster Grand Prix Superbike race is what we all come to Dundrod for. The man of the meeting award is a nice bonus for Guy but I think what we achieved in overall must also give us the unofficial team of the meeting award. Both riders worked tirelessly this week along with our crew members and an extra-ordinary effort from Paolo and Jason from Pirelli. The fast lap times at Dundrod make set-up crucial and again we have proved that when it matters the GSX-R/Pirelli package is a proven winner. Thanks as always to Suzuki, Tyco and all our other associated sponsors and on behalf of our team I’d like to pass on our condolences to the family and friends of Lee Vernon who sadly lost his life at Dundrod this week.”

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