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Martin Ready for French 24-Hour Challenge at Le Mans

Following Supersport and Superbike victories at last weekend’s Scarborough Gold Cup, Tyco Suzuki rider Guy Martin is now looking forward to this weekend’s challenge at Le Mans with French team R2CL in the 24-Hour event.

Martin said: “Yeah we got a couple of wins on the Saturday at Scarborough with the Tyco Suzuki boys, which was mint and the bikes were flying, but Sunday’s racing was a lottery with the weather. We got second place in the Gold Cup – which wasn’t what we wanted – but to be honest I wasn’t prepared to push any harder in the conditions as I’d already had a couple of big slides and with McGuinness, Anstey and Harrison all crashing out, I didn’t want to take any chances. Fair play to Michael though a win’s a win, but my main focus now is on this weekend at Le Mans.”

Looking ahead the Lincolnshire man added: “These French Suzuki boys are not playing at it, and although I could do without a week away, I’ll make a bit of a holiday out of it. “I’ll be giving it my all; there will be no half jobs from me at Le Mans. I’m sorted with Philip and Hector for the roads, but I’d like to do a good job and also ride a Suzuki in World Endurance next season for more bike time.”

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