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Strong Points for Beacon Supported Tyco Suzuki at Knockhill

Josh Brookes took a pair of fourth-placed finishes away from a dry round five of the British Superbike Championship at Knockhill in Scotland and is now third in the championship standings – just nine points off top spot. His Tyco Suzuki team-mate Alastair Seeley also doubled up with two seventh-placed finishes and climbs to the same position in the championship table; now just ten points outside the magical top six.

Josh Brookes:
“I was disappointed not to be in the battle for the podium in race one and having to watch the guys in front pulling away when you feel like you are giving it everything is not a nice feeling as a rider. The crash in morning warm-up probably didn’t do my confidence much good. The second race was different but also frustrating, as I couldn’t just bridge that gap to the podium positions. We’re still well in there in the championship and have two weeks to prepare now for Oulton.”

Alastair Seeley:
“I’m a lot happier with the way things went this weekend, and although I want to be higher up fighting for podiums, seventh place today helped me edge ever closer to the top six. It’s nice to be passing people again on the big Suzuki but I need to go away and practice my starts. There’s no point qualifying well then throwing all the hard work away in the first lap of races. I can look forward to Oulton, now knowing we are back in with a shout of challenging.”

Philip Neill – Team Manager:
“It was one of those weekends that promised a little more than we actually got. Both riders were very strong in the wet, which we expected, but with race day being dry we probably lacked a bit of pace today. Josh probably didn’t have the perfect start with a crash in morning warm up, but we scored solid results and it keeps the championship hopes well on track. From here we will look to moving on to the more flowing circuits, which suit us a little better.”


BSB Race 1

1st – Shane Byrne [Kawasaki] 24:48.730
2nd – Tommy Hill [Yamaha] +1.199
3rd – Michael Laverty [Honda] +1.551
4th – Josh Brookes [Tyco Suzuki] +8.494
5th – Tommy Bridewell [BMW] +10.160
6th – Nori Haga [Yamaha] +10.211
7th – Alastair Seeley [Tyco Suzuki] +11.085

BSB Race 2

1st – Michael Laverty [Honda] 24:42.773
2nd – Shane Byrne [Kawasaki] +0.765
3rd – Tommy Hill [Yamaha] +3.091
4th – Josh Brookes [Tyco Suzuki] +4.119
5th – James Westmoreland [Honda] +11.068
6th – Tommy Bridewell [BMW] +11.227
7th – Alastair Seeley [Tyco Suzuki] +13.074

Championship Points
Tommy Hill 159 [15 podium credits]
Shane Byrne 153 [13 podium credits]
Josh Brookes 150 [8 podium credits]
Michael Laverty 122 [9 podium credits]
Ian Lowry 79 [3 podium credits]
Tommy Bridewell 77 [0 podium credits]
Alastair Seeley 67 [2 podium credits]

For more information on the Beacon supported Tyco Suzuki Team – go to www.tyco-suzuki.co.uk